FoolWorks is a unique, bottom-up approach to employee feedback, development, and coaching.

This framework flips the entire model on its head by putting individuals in control of their development journey while enabling meaningful and actionable conversations.


The tool has three modules that work in concert to create a complete picture of an individual’s development path: 1.) 360 Feedback and Coaching, 2.) Point of View (POV), and 3.) Check-ins. Feedback and Coaching are generally paired together for an end-to-end feedback experience while Point of View and Check-ins can be used as discrete features.

Simple-to-use, peer-to-peer feedback that’s focused on getting the very best out of your people, delivered by Independent, trusted coaches.

Lose the forced rankings. Instead, provide a framework for creating alignment between employees and managers.

Informal conversations to take the pulse of how your people are doing and what they need to continue to succeed.

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