360 Feedback is an opportunity for employees to work with a coach to discover where fellow employees think they are awesome and where they can be even more awesome.

Everyone hates feedback systems.
That’s because they focus on what people are doing wrong,
they feel punitive, and they’re very high stakes.

Enter 360 Feedback.

360 Feedback lowers the stakes by removing the conversation from the employee-supervisor relationship, refocusing the conversation, and giving the employee more authority and autonomy. And it’s always on, removing it from annual review cycles.

In 360 Feedback, employees request feedback from anyone they regularly work with, whether or not that person is on their team or directly in their reporting line. Because they know best who they interact with, this naturally fills in blind spots management might otherwise have.

Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, 360 Feedback asks reviewers how the employee is being awesome and how they can be even more awesome. We avoid specifying categories so reviewers can focus on what’s most important in their work with this employee, and we avoid the false precision of rating systems. As a result, the feedback is holistic, productive, and actionable.

A coach delivers the feedback, helping the employee identify patterns and develop ideas for additional awesomeness. Feedback is shared with the employee’s supervisor only if the employee chooses; knowing they are in control of their own feedback makes the conversation a safe space, in turn making feedback easier to hear and the employee more likely to act on it.