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Development Zones

A Challenge conversation happens when an employee is trying to master their current role. Maybe they’re new to the position and learning the ropes. Maybe the position has evolved and is demanding new skills they’re still developing. Maybe the employee has taken on new projects or aspects of their role. The employee demonstrates promise, but they need guidance and support.


The goal of a Challenge conversation is to discover how you can help your employee build mastery in their role. What do they need in order to grow their skills and build their expertise? What gaps do they have that you can help them figure out how to fill? What are their blockers and how can you help them overcome them?

Most Development Conversations will be Challenge conversations, as most employees will be appropriately situated and somewhere along the spectrum of mastery for their current role. Because every employee is developing and growing, however, what each employee needs to attain mastery in their role will continue to evolve, so even if you’ve already had a Challenge conversation with a given employee, every Challenge conversation is a new opportunity to explore what they need to continue expanding their growing edges.



This employee is developing inside their existing role; how can you best support them?