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Development Zones

An Unleash conversation happens when you have an employee whose judgement and ability you trust so highly that they need little supervision. They’re on top of their role, you trust them to try new things, and they’re consistently delivering excellent results. Your role as their manager is largely to remove blockers. When both you and they agree that they’re ready to take on even more, it’s time to have an Unleash conversation.


The goal of an Unleash conversation is to find out where and how they want to grow in the company. Maybe they want to take on a new project. Maybe they want a completely different role. Sometimes the employee needs permission to explore this way, but the underlying message is that the company knows they’re ready for more, and the company wants to give it to them. Ultimately, an Unleash conversation should lead to the employee taking on new opportunities.



This employee is a trusted high performer who is ready for the next challenge; what do they want to do next?