At The Motley Fool, we do things a little differently.

We’re Fools after all! Nowhere is that more evident than in how we approach people development.

Over the past several years, we’ve created an internal tool specifically designed around the individual. After a lot of trial and error, after many test and learn cycles, and after years of successful use internally, we believe our tool is ready to help other like-minded, people-first companies.

The result is FoolWorks, a truly unique software tool that reimagines talent management by putting control in the hands of individual employees.

It flips the model from a top-down, closed process using antiquated HR “worst” practices to an employee-first and development-focused easy to use tool.

It has completely changed our approach to managing talent and developing people.

In our early days, The Motley Fool implemented a traditional HR approach to sort talent based on perceived performance and potential. At first, it was a powerful leadership tool, focusing on the company’s highest performers. However, over time, employees lost faith in this process since it didn’t provide any opportunity for input. And, alignment was questioned as people wondered aloud what was discussed by the leadership team.

This led to our first breakthrough of creating a tool called Point of View (POV) that, instead of top-down, forced rankings of employees, seeks to determine the types of development, and resulting conversations, a person should pursue with their manager.

Meanwhile, The Motley Fool’s co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner approached the People Team with a challenge, “Find out the individual needs of every single employee at this company.” The bigger goal was to understand where and how employees wanted help with career development. These conversations revealed deep insights into employee happiness, but a system was needed to capture information and track next actions first. This led to our Check-ins tool.

Then, the CEO ask, “Are we seeing any benefit to traditional performance appraisals.” The unspoken answer was assuredly, “No — and they are a waste of time and money.” So we scrapped the formal review process and realized a better way was to deliver pure, unfiltered “360” feedback.

More recently, the need to pull all these systems and processes into one platform was finally recognized. Thanks to collaboration between the People and Technology teams, these tools were pulled into one solution that we now present to you — FoolWorks.

Let us help you develop your people and scale your culture.

Our dream has been to provide compelling tools for the individual that they look forward to, find useful, trust, and enjoy. With FoolWorks, the individual can initiate any process, curate the content, and control levels of transparency. Likewise, managers and company leaders can stop wasting time and money implementing legacy HR practices that don’t work.

Don’t assess your employees. Develop your people.
This is FoolWorks.